Corrougated Board



When dealing with different types and styles of corrugated board, we often refer to its “flute” or “flutes”.

The most common flutes are below:


E Flute Thickness approx 2mm

-superior printed surface and works best for small die cut boxes and shelf ready packages that demand high quality print.

It is often used as a replacement for carton board packs.


B Flute Thickness approx 3mm

- the most common grade used for corrugated packaging. Must of what is seen on the shelves of supermarkets would be produced from this grade of board and is used from transit packaging for lighter goods through to display and shelf ready boxes and trays,


C Flute Thickness approx 4mm

- used as a performance alternative to B Flute. Due to the increased thickness it gives a higher stacking strength. This type of flute is slowly being phased out and being replaced by double wall BE flutes. C flute has a reduced print quality due to the size of the flute.


BE Flute Thickness approx 5mm

- becoming the preferred alternative to heavy C flute. It has the advantages of superior stacking strength to C flute with a printing surface associated with B flute. It is often used in the produce industry where it is made into trays that are used for fresh fruit and vegetables.


BC Flute Thickness approx 7mm

- is the thickness of conventional board grades. Stronger than a single wall structure, double wall enables heavier objects to be shipped and should be used when a stronger box or extra padding is needed and is excellent for heavier items. Often this flute is used for transit packaging on heavy electrical goods. 

Board Strengths

It is important to consider the weight of you item when choosing your box, the right board grade should be considered. Please see a rough guide on board grades and their weight capabilities (please note this is a guide only).

B or C Flute- Single Wall

Grade                   Contents Weigth

125kt                          5kg

150k/t                         10kg

200k/t                         20kg

300k/t                         25kg


BC or BE Flute- Double Wall

Grade                      Contents Weight

125k/t                           15kg

150k/t                           20kg

200k/t                           30kg

300k/t                           40kg

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